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They Shoot…theScore! IGC Approves Another Mobile Betting App License

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) recently approved theScore to offer online betting in Indiana through a license partnership with Ameristar.

Indiana is preparing to bring another online sportsbook into the fold.

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC)has granted theScore Bet its temporary vendor license. That’s the first step in the sportsbook eventually coming to the market.

It will either be Indiana’s seventh or eighth online sportsbook, depending on how quickly BetIndiana can launch. BetIndiana received its temporary vendor license months ago, but its launch is pending on the new Hard Rock Casino’s situation.

However, with sports on hold because of the health crisis, there isn’t exactly a huge rush to come to market.

The whole process takes some time. For now, the goal is to be online throughout the Hoosier State in time for the upcoming NFL season.

Penn National Gaming is providing theScore Bet’s market access

Right now, theScore Bet is only live in New Jersey, but that was only the first step.

Penn National Gaming signed a 20-year deal with Score Media back in July 2019.

That deal gave theScore Bet access to work with Penn’s different casinos and racetracks in 11 different states, Indiana included.

According to the IGC, theScore Bet will be hopping onto Ameristar East Chicago’s license. Penn owns Ameristar, and is already the land-based partner of DraftKings Sportsbook.

With the partnership in place, Indiana will be the first of many states that the sportsbook operates in.

Personalized betting options highlight theScore Bet’s approach

With so many different options for bettors to pick from, each sportsbook has to find a way to stand out.

For Score Media, that means integrating its sportsbook with its already successful sports app theScore.

In terms of the sports apps out there, theScore is pretty typical.

Much like the apps from its competitors such as ESPN or Bleacher Report, theScore lets you personalize the app to your liking.

You can select your favorite teams in your favorite sports and receive special notifications just for those teams. You can tailor your sports news to your geographic location as well.

When theScore Bet comes online in Indiana, the sportsbook will be using your data from theScore sports app to provide you with custom betting options.

So if you’re a big Colts fan and use theScore app, you’ll see custom Colts-specific betting options when you first load up theScore Bet. The same goes for the Pacers, or any other professional team you follow.

The goal is to make sports betting a little more personal to each individual.

Since plenty of people use sportsbooks to bet on their favorite teams in the first place, theScore Bet is aiming to show gamblers those options up front, which will let users pick them right away rather than having to search for them.

TheScore Bet is entering a competitive Indiana betting app market

The Hoosier State’s big three of sportsbooks, so to speak, have been tough to dethrone.

DraftKings, FanDuel, and BetRivers have been the three biggest players in Indiana since sports betting began in the state. The trio got into the market first and used that head start to carve up their own portions of the state’s handle.

At least so far, the state’s newer sportsbooks have been elbowing each other around a lot more than they’ve been able to push at those top three.

Granted, COVID-19 didn’t really give them a chance to hit the ground running.

BetMGM came online in late February, giving the sportsbook only a few weeks to get started before sports were put on hold. PointsBet opened for business on March 5, so it had even less time than BetMGM had to work with.

BetAmerica has also struggled since its launch. The sportsbook’s April handle of $3,886 was by far the lowest in the entire state, and it was a long way away from BetMGM’s second-lowest posting of over $400,000. A cyberattack that left the site nonoperational for a couple of weeks didn’t help its reputation or bottom line either.

Comparatively, BetRivers posted a handle of over $2 million in April. FanDuel racked up $9.7 million, with DraftKings in the top spot at $13.6 million.

Things will level out a bit when sports around the world get back to normal.

However, the more crowded Indiana’s market is, the more competitive it will be.we’l

With other sportsbooks that got in on the action a little further down the line having a tough start, theScore Bet can expect an uphill battle of its own for a share of the market once it launches.

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