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TheScore Bet Is Indiana’s Newest Mobile Sportsbook

TheScore Bet launched in Indiana on Sept. 17, giving bettors customizable betting options based on their favorite teams and leagues.

The list of mobile sportsbooks in Indiana continues to grow.

TheScore Bet became the state’s ninth book on Sept. 17, expanding its profile to the Midwest after going live in New Jersey and Colorado.

It emerges as a betting option during one of the most lucrative times of the year, bolstered by the NFL, NBA Playoffs, MLB pennant races, and college football.

TheScore Bet brings a unique offering to Indiana

The sportsbook will rely on a pairing with its media app, theScore, to draw in existing fans.

TheScore is similar to other sports apps, offering news, score updates and customizable options based on a fan’s favorite teams.

What now makes theScore different is the inclusion of its mobile betting app.

The company is merging fan experiences between the media app and the betting app.

This means fans who have previously used theScore and customized it to show their favorite sports and teams will see that data transferred to theScore Bet.

The app will personalize betting offers based on the information previously given to theScore. It will also take into account previous bets.

The company has explained that “favorite teams, leagues, and games from theScore sports app sync automatically to show personalized betting options in theScore Bet.”

Notably, all wagers “can then be tracked via data and alerts in real time on theScore.”

Like other sportsbooks, theScore Bet is offering deals to new users. Currently, theScore Bet is running a free $100 bet users can obtain after making any first bet.

TheScore Bet has also entered data partnerships with MLB and the NBA, helping to bolster its future.

The company also previously signed a deal with Penn National Gaming and is a partner of Ameristar East Chicago.

Different operators take different marketing approaches

When you log in to DraftKingsFanDuel or PointsBet, either that day’s promos or a wide slate of games and leagues will confront you. The marketing strategy for those operators is more geared toward competitive odds and promotions. They also focus on events that are either live or soon to start.

With theScore Bet, users engage with the leagues and teams they affiliate with based on their custom preferences. The markets may be for events days off, but theScore thinks it’s a better way to drive engagement.

For example, if you denote that you’re a hardcore Indianapolis Colts fan, the landing page when you open the website will be full of props for the next Colts game. Similarly, Pacers enthusiasts are treated to lines on the next NBA Draft.

Whether theScore is right in its strategy will be visible in its market share in states like Indiana. Convenience and ease of access are important components for any online sportsbook, so theScore is wise to prioritize that.

It’s simply a matter of whether Indiana bettors want to find the best odds available on any event, or the latest lines on the events that most align with their interests. TheScore is betting on the latter.

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