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NFL Betting Odds in Indiana

There’s an indisputable truth when it comes to the overall hierarchy in the world of sports: the NFL is king. The NFL attracts the most attention from the media, places the most people in seats and scores viewership numbers that are the envy of other leagues.

The story is the same when it comes to sports betting. The NFL attracts the most action at sportsbooks, hands down. From the kickoff of the regular season all the way through the Super Bowl, NFL games are the most popular items on the wagering menu.

Thanks to the continued growth of legal sports betting in the US, even more folks are able to get in on the game safely and without any hassles. That includes residents in the state of Indiana, as sports betting business is booming in the Hoosier State.

There are plenty of different ways to bet on the NFL. You can focus on the individual games, explore a whole range of prop betting opportunities, or take a crack at predicting events that are even further out thanks to the futures market.

Getting started is really simple, and we’re going to cover everything you need to know right here. By the time you get through with this article, you’ll know the best places to play, how to place your bets and a whole slew of other information. Let’s get to it.

How to bet on the NFL in Indiana

Retail sportsbooks began opening their doors in Indiana in August and September of 2019. The online and mobile rollout came about a month later. A number of operators are servicing the state, but some have emerged as head and shoulders above the rest.

Top NFL betting apps in Indiana

The following represent our top sportsbook app picks for betting on the NFL from Indiana:

1. DraftKings Sportsbook — $25 Free, Up to $1,000 in Bonuses

The industry leader in daily fantasy sports has also emerged as one of the top operators in sports betting. The DraftKings Sportsbook app is intuitive and easy to use with a wide range of available markets.

2. FanDuel Sportsbook — Risk-Free Bet up to $500

A slick and user-friendly platform is among the hallmarks of FanDuel, another DFS giant that is knocking it out of the park in sports betting.

3. BetMGM — Up to $500 Risk-Free Bet

The iconic MGM brand is making serious inroads in sports betting with its BetMGM app, a simple-to-use offering that features a number of ongoing promotions.

All three of these operators also have outstanding web-based interfaces. After you click through on our exclusive links to create your account, you’ll be able to download the app that correlates to your device directly from the site. From there, just log in on mobile, and you’ll be all set to bet on the go.

Is betting on the NFL legal in Indiana?

Yes, you can legally and safely bet on sports in Indiana, including the NFL. The Supreme Court of the United States dropped its opinion on the legality of a federal ban on sports betting back in 2018.

According to the high court, it’s up to the individual states to decide for themselves. Many states acted quickly after receiving a green light. Fast forward to today, and there are now thriving sports betting industries in a number of states.

Indiana is among those on the list. The state’s first retail sportsbooks opened in 2019, and online and mobile options followed about a month afterward. A number of legal and regulated sportsbooks service the Hoosier State, and all take action on the NFL.

How to bet on football games

While there are a number of ways to bet on the NFL, there are three main bet types that attract a ton of attention. In fact, once you log on to a legal and regulated sportsbook, you’ll find the odds for these bet types are front and center in the NFL section during the season. Let’s take a closer look at each of them and run through some examples.

NFL money line bets

This is a bet in which you are simply choosing the winner. There will be odds for each game, with negative odds indicating the favorite and positive odds on the underdog side of the equation.

  • Tennessee Titans +110
  • Indianapolis Colts -120

NFL point spread betting

Oddsmakers will set a point spread for each game, which you can think of like a margin of victory. In order to “cover” the spread, the favorite will need to win by more than the spread. The underdog can cover by keeping the margin closer than the spread or by winning outright.

  • Jacksonville Jaguars +4.5 (-110)
  • Houston Texans -4.5 (-110)

NFL over/under bets

There will be a benchmark total attached to each game as designated by the oddsmakers. This represents an estimate of total points to be scored in the game. Bettors decide if they like the actual number to go over or under the total.

  • Over 51.5 (-110)
  • Under 51.5 (-110)

For each of these bet types, oddsmakers will release the odds well in advance of the following week’s games. They’ll typically start rolling in by the end of Sunday, with all of the odds officially out once Monday Night Football is in the books.

After the release, there will be some movement once the betting public begins to weigh in. Get in the habit of keeping an eye on any line shifts throughout the week as this can provide you with clues on overall market sentiment.

NFL futures betting

There is an active futures market for the NFL. Futures are wagers you can place on something that has yet to happen, such as the winner of next year’s Super Bowl. Odds will be listed for all teams still in the chase.

Futures market for Super Bowl LV

  • Kansas City Chiefs +500
  • San Francisco 49ers +600
  • Baltimore Ravens +700
  • New Orleans Saints +1000

In advance of the season, odds will be listed for each of the league’s 32 teams. The odds will fluctuate based on market action, and you’ll also see some movement once the season gets underway.

Futures bets require a long-term perspective. They also make for a great way to preview the upcoming season. In addition to the winner of the Super Bowl, you’ll find futures odds on division and conference winners, as well as individual player awards.

NFL prop betting

A prop bet is basically a side wager on events that may or may not happen during a game. You’ll find a wide range of prop bets available for each NFL game on the docket. They can typically be found by clicking on the “more wagers” link from the main NFL betting lobby.

There are prop bets that are both team- and player-based. Offerings will vary, but here are some examples of the different wagers you may come across.

  • Patrick Mahomes over/under 272.5 passing yards — yes or no?
  • Baltimore Ravens to cover spread and total to go over — Y/N?
  • What will be the actual margin of victory?
  • Will Le’Veon Bell score a TD — Y/N?

Prop bets are a very popular item on the NFL betting menu. When it comes to the Super Bowl, you’ll find upward of 200+ prop bets to choose from.

How live betting works with football

Live betting, also known as in-play betting, has evolved into one of the most popular features at legal and regulated sportsbooks. These are bets that you can place after the game has already started. It’s a fast-paced market in which the odds move fast and opportunities can appear and disappear in an instant.

Here are a few examples of what you may see.

  • Updated money line, spread and totals.
  • Which team will be the first to 10 points?
  • What will be the result of the next drive?

In short, live betting opens up a whole new world of opportunity with NFL betting, but remember to be selective with your wagers and only to select the ones you feel most comfortable with.

How the NFL season works — preseason, regular season and postseason

From August through the Super Bowl, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to bet on the NFL. The season itself is broken down into three main parts, each of which has its own rules of the road for betting purposes.


The NFL preseason begins with the annual Hall of Fame game. Each of the league’s teams plays at least four exhibition games. By nature, these contests are tough to predict.

There’s limited playing time for starters, and some coaches treat them as little more than glorified scrimmages. That being the case, it’s wise to use caution when betting on the NFL preseason and only to place wagers when you have actionable information to go off of.

If you can say for certain that a coach or team is locked in for a preseason contest, then that could be a good game to add to the list of possibilities. When you come across a game in which you know that a coach is averse to risking injury in exhibition season, then those are teams to pass on.

All that said, you can still glean some intel from the NFL preseason, such as how well players are fitting in new surroundings and which rookies look like they have a chance to shine.

Regular season

NFL teams play 16 games each over the course of a 17-week season. Each squad enters the new campaign filled with hope, and that can lead to some relatively surprising results in the early going.

Teams that perform best during the regular season will qualify for the postseason. By the time November rolls around, the pretenders will begin separating themselves from the contenders.

There are usually some clear-cut top teams by now, followed by another group that is jockeying for playoff positioning. Over the final month of the season, the wheat really begins to separate from the chaff.

All along the way, you’ll have odds to study for each of the games on the docket. Since the betting action is so high on the NFL, oddsmakers devote a ton of resources toward setting the lines.

For the betting public, that translates into spreads that can be pretty tricky to navigate around. However, that doesn’t mean that the lines aren’t beatable. They are. Just know that it’s going to take some effort to do so consistently.


The top six teams in both conferences — AFC and NFC — qualify for the postseason. Teams that finish in the top two spots in the AFC and NFC receive a bye for the first round, which is known as the wild card playoffs.

There are four games on what has come to be known as Wild Card Weekend. Winners advance to the Divisional Round, which has another four games. The winners of those contests make it to the Conference Championships.

This is the NFL’s version of the Final Four. The reward for the winners of these games is a trip to the Super Bowl.

Once again, odds and lines are very tight during the postseason. This is a great time to keep an eye on the lines as they move, as this will give you a good sense of public betting action.

How to watch NFL games in Indiana

The enormous popularity of the NFL means that it’s easy to find games on the tube. Here’s a quick look at where you can watch each of the main broadcast windows.

  • Sunday afternoon games: Local affiliates of CBS and Fox.
  • Sunday Night Football: NBC and local affiliates.
  • Monday Night Football: ESPN, plus local affiliates of home markets for teams involved.
  • Thursday Night Football: Fox and local affiliates, plus NFL Network.

Most of the broadcast networks can also be found on various streaming providers. Amazon has been providing a feed of TNF for the last few seasons. On the NFL app, you can also get streams of local games and SNF and MNF.

There’s also NFL Sunday Ticket from DirecTV, a subscription package that gives you access to all the games. Some cable operators and cord cutting options also offer an add-on channel known as NFL RedZone, which provides whip-around coverage of the Sunday afternoon slate.

Indiana NFL teams and rivals

The Indianapolis Colts make their home in the AFC South Division. They play each of the other three teams in the division twice per season, so these squads are the biggest natural rivals of the home team.

Indianapolis Colts

  • Home games: Lucas Oil Stadium
  • Super Bowl titles: 1970, 2006
  • Head coach: Frank Reich
  • 2019 record: 7-9, missed playoffs
  • 2020 futures market win total: 8

Houston Texans

  • Home games: NRG Stadium
  • Super Bowl titles: None
  • Head coach: Bill O’Brien
  • 2019 record: 11-7, lost Divisional Round
  • 2020 futures market win total: 8.5

Tennessee Titans

  • Home games: Nissan Stadium
  • Super Bowl titles: None
  • Head coach: Mike Vrabel
  • 2019 record: 11-8, lost AFC title game
  • 2020 futures market win total: 8.5

Jacksonville Jaguars

  • Home games: TIAA Bank Field
  • Super Bowl titles: None
  • Head coach: Doug Marrone
  • 2019 record: 6-10, missed playoffs
  • 2020 futures market win total: 5.5

As you can see by the futures market win totals, the AFC South race projects to be tight in 2020. The Colts, Texans and Titans can all stake a legitimate claim heading into the season, so we’ll see how it all plays out.

5 NFL players from Indiana

A number of players from the Hoosier State have reached their ultimate goal of making it to the NFL. Here are five who have had the lengthiest careers.

  • Brad Maynard, punter, 238 games
  • Rod Woodson, defensive back, 238 games
  • Chris Doleman, defensive end, 232 games
  • Dan Stryzinski, punter, 224 games
  • Scott Studwell, linebacker, 201 games

Among players currently playing in the NFL who were born in Indiana are LB Ryan Kerrigan, TE Jack Doyle and G Zack Martin.

NFL betting tips

As with all sports, there’s a learning curve to getting started with NFL betting. However, it’s not as difficult as it may seem at first glance. Here are some tips you can use to get started.

  • Know what the odds are telling you: Understanding what the odds board says is a critical step for any sport. It’ll become second nature before too long, but taking the time to learn is key.
  • Understand overall team strength: Upsets happen, but some teams are just flat out better than others. Once about a month of the season is in the books, you should have a good sense of who looks for real and who isn’t.
  • Review the matchups: Teams can excel in some facets of the game while being awful in others. Know the strengths and weaknesses of each team, and use what you’ve learned to play the game out in your head.
  • Recent form: As the season moves along, teams will rise and fall. Recent play is a solid indicator of what’s to come over the next few games, so key in on how teams have fared of late versus just looking at the entire season.

If you can master these four simple steps, you’ll be ahead of the curve. From here, you can begin to build out your own NFL betting system. For example, you can add in some advanced stats that you deem to be important.

There are things that point you toward success with NFL betting, as well as mistakes you’ll want to avoid. Here are a few pitfalls to be aware of.

  • Betting every game: Quite simply, you need to learn to pick your spots. There’s no reason to bet every single game, especially when just starting out. Pick a small amount that you’re comfortable managing. It’s better to go 2-1 on three games than 7-9 on a full slate.
  • Betting with your heart: We all have rooting interests, but you need to control them when it’s time to place wagers. If your team is a horrible play or you can’t stand betting on them, then just pass and focus on another game instead.
  • Heavy focus on longshots/favorites: Upsets happen every week, and a lot of favorites win regularly. You need to find a balance in your approach and not get too hung up one way or the other.


How many players from Indiana are in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Three NFL Hall of Famers were born in Indiana.

  • Rod Woodson, DB
  • Bob Griese, QB
  • Chris Doleman, DE

To date, 14 players who played for the Colts franchise have been inducted.

  • Raymond Berry, WR
  • Eric Dickerson, RB
  • Marshall Faulk, RB
  • Ted Hendricks, LB
  • John Mackey, TE
  • Lenny Moore, HB
  • Joe Perry, FB
  • Richard Dent, DE
  • Art Donovan, DT
  • Marvin Harrison, WR
  • Edgerrin James, RB
  • Gino Marchetti, DE
  • Jim Parker, OL
  • Johnny Unitas, QB

How expensive are Colts tickets?

For the 2019 season, the average ticket price for Colts games checked in at $93.62. Looking ahead to the 2020 season, season ticket prices are expected to range from $350 for the upper deck to $1,740 for the top seats in the lower bowl.

How many Indiana football players were drafted in 2019?

Wes Martin, an offensive guard who played his college ball at Indiana University, was drafted in the fourth round in 2019 by the Washington Redskins. That continued a streak that goes back to 2014 in which at least one player from IU has been drafted.

When does the regular season start?

In 2020, the first game of the regular season will take place on Thursday, Sept. 10. The remainder of the Week 1 schedule will take place on Sept. 13 and 14.

When is the NFL draft?

The 2020 edition of the NFL draft will take place from Thursday, April 23, through Saturday, April 25, in Las Vegas. The first round takes place on day one. Rounds two and three take place the following day, with the final four rounds taking place on Saturday.