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Bundesliga’s Return To The Pitch Means More Options For Indiana Bettors

With the return of popular German soccer league Bundesliga, Indiana sportsbooks can offer bettors another market of live sports to bet on.

Major sporting events will eventually resume around the world and, with them, wagering around them will ramp up again as well. Such is the case with Bundesliga betting.

Germany’s top level of men’s club soccer will resume play in empty stadiums on May 16. Several of Indiana’s sports betting apps already have markets live in anticipation.

Indiana sportsbooks bullish on Bundesliga betting

After the German government gave the green light to Bundesliga on Wednesday, Hoosier State sportsbook operators ended their “stoppage time.” A wide array of Bundesliga markets are available at sportsbooks in Indiana once again.

Betting options include straight bets, spread, and totals on upcoming matches. Additionally, there are game, player, and team props like which team will score first in specific matches.

Futures markets include lines on where clubs will finish in the point standings and which athletes will lead Bundesliga in statistical categories. Even for bettors who don’t usually put down money on German soccer, this is good news.

Bundesliga in Germany is comparable to the NFL in the United States of America. It’s by far the most popular sports entertainment entity in Germany and by a long shot.

The top four teams in the table (point standings) participate in the UEFA Champions League each year. For these reasons, Bundesliga clubs draw top talent from around the world.

Getting action back in such a league anywhere in the world amidst the COVID-19 pandemic is significant news. It should inspire hope that eventually, the same thing will happen in North America.

Bettors may not be as familiar with Bundesliga as they are with North American sports leagues, however. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to address that issue.

The best places to learn about Bundesliga

If you don’t sprechen sie Deutsche (speak German), est kein problem (it’s no problem). Bundesliga has an English-language site and it’s a great place to access injury news, past outcomes, schedules, and statistics.

If you’re looking for more in-depth reporting including features and opinion pieces, then BBC Sport’s Football page is a great resource. It’s the English-language outlet that devotes the most coverage to Bundesliga in the world.

In the US, the premier destinations for international soccer coverage include ESPN and Yahoo! Sports. Given the fact that Bundesliga will soon be the only show ongoing in that regard, most of the coverage should head that way.

Between all these sources, you should be able to find all the information you need to handicap markets and matches. The next relevant question is whether it’s worth the effort and time.

Naturally, each bettor can only really answer that for her/himself. There are several reasons to give it a go if you’re new to Bundesliga betting, however.

Why now might be the best time to get in on the action

First off, it’s one of the only shows of its caliber going right now. Legal sportsbook operators would be offering action on Bundesliga under normal circumstances anyway, so the opportunities are abundant.

Despite oddsmakers’ familiarity with the league, there are several unknown qualities about this particular season. When they make lines, they have to ask themselves several unique questions, such as:

  • Will some players/teams be rustier than others?
  • Are some players/teams in better shape than others?
  • How will playing in empty stadiums affect matches?

That uncertainty could result in inaccurate lines on matches. When oddsmakers guess wrong, it’s usually to the benefit of bettors in on those markets.

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