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Cyberattack On SBTech Has Indiana’s BetAmerica Down For The Count

Indiana is down an online sportsbook after a cyberattack on SBTech, whose technology powers BetAmerica Sportsbook. It’s unclear when the app will return.

A cyberattack on SBTech has knocked its clients’ sites offline.

SBTech provides the online platform for several gambling sites throughout the US and Europe. All of the sites that rely on that platform have been affected by the attack. That includes all of SBTech’s partners, throughout six different states.

The hackers were not able to steal any data since it is heavily encrypted.

SBTech isn’t sure who is responsible for the attack yet, but law enforcement is looking into the situation.

BetAmerica sportsbook is offline

BetAmerica is one of the six online sportsbooks operating in Indiana.

Since the Churchill Downsowned product runs entirely off of SBTech’s platform, it has been hit especially hard from the cyberattack.

That outage has made it impossible for bettors to place a wager on the site or access their account’s funds.

Right now, bettors trying to access BetAmerica’s website and app are greeted with a message saying that things are “under maintenance.”

Since no data was stolen in the cyberattack, SBTech’s main goal here is to bring its systems back online. However, the company will need approval from regulators before its servers can go live again throughout the US. That might extend the time that it will take for sites like BetAmerica to reopen for business.

There isn’t an exact timeline for how long it will take for SBTech to get things up and running again. Until it does, Indiana will be down a man in the sportsbook department.

If BetAmerica was going to be out of commission for a while, now would probably be the best time for it. With sports around the world shut down because of COVID-19, the sportsbook won’t miss out on too many possible wagers while it’s down.

Cyberattack not ideal for the DraftKings and SBTech merger

DraftKings and SBTech are inching closer to closing a deal that would merge the two companies.

That’s a big win for both sides as they expand their share of the sports betting market.

DraftKings gets a leg up since it would own the software that keeps competitors like BetAmerica running. SBTech gets to use its software on a leading sportsbook brand in the US while continuing to expand its product to more sites outside of Europe.

The deal could close in the coming weeks, so neither company is looking for a breach like this that could rock the boat.

The cyberattack may have been a reaction to the merger, but there’s no way to tell for sure. Either way, the timing for this attack makes it a strange one.

Typically, these kinds of hacking attempts happen before a new product launch for a sportsbook or a big gambling event like the Super Bowl, so with very few things going on in the world of sports right now, the timing is odd.

BetUS Sportsbook was also recently the victim of a similar data hack attempt. It’s unknown if the two situations are related, but at the very least, it shows an increase in the number of attacks happening lately.

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