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What Colts Fans And Bettors Can Expect From The NFL Draft

Indiana online sportsbooks are ready to take bets on their first NFL Draft, and that includes plenty of action involving the Colts.

Indianapolis Colts fans are gearing up for the 2020 NFL Draft, which is the first since legal sports betting started in Indiana.

The first round of the draft starts on April 23, with the second round taking place a day later. Indy’s first pick is in the second round, so fans will have to wait an extra day for draft action unless the Colts trade up.

There isn’t much else going on in the world of sports because of COVID-19, so the draft has been racking up attention from Indiana’s sportsbooks.

There’s a huge selection of betting options for this year’s draft, including wagers on the Hoosier State’s only NFL team.

The Colts are ready to build upon last year’s foundation. Indy’s 7-9 record last season had the team missing the playoffs.

It would be easy to label last year as a disappointment if it wasn’t for the surprise retirement of quarterback Andrew Luck. Given the situation, Jacoby Brissett and company did a decent job of stitching the pieces together.

However, now it’s time to step things up a notch.

The Colts have already made a few moves to try and improve the roster, and the draft gives General Manager Chris Ballard another chance to add to the pile.

Which pick do the Colts have?

The Colts have already shuffled around their spot on the draft board.

Originally, the Colts owned the 13th overall pick of the draft. However, Ballard shipped that spot to the San Francisco 49ers to help bolster the defensive line.

That trade landed Indy All-Pro performer DeForest Buckner. It was a nice score for the team, considering that it can be tough to land All-Pro caliber guys with mid-round picks like the 13th.

Indianapolis may be missing out on the first round action this year, but it’s coming into the second round hot.

Indy’s first pick of the draft will be the 34th overall selection, or the second pick of the second round. The Colts have seven picks in the draft this time around, but that 34th overall spot is the focus for betting.

The Colts could affect betting on first-round pick trades

If you have an inkling that the Colts might trade up to move into the first round, BetMGM has you covered. Gamblers can take the over/under on how many draft-day trades there will be involving first-round picks.

The sportsbook has several different values set for the same type of wager, which lets users take the over/under on either 3.5, 4.5, 5.5, or 6.5 first-round draft picks traded.

BetMGM is also offering fixed odds on the exact number of those first-rounders that will be traded, rather than just over/under betting. Here’s a look at those odds.

  • No first-round picks traded: +3,500
  • Exactly one pick traded: +2,200
  • Exactly two picks traded: +1,100
  • Exactly three picks traded: +500
  • Exactly four picks traded: +350
  • Exactly five picks traded: +225

If you see the Colts trading up a few spots to get into the first round, those could be some interesting betting options.

Positions of need for the Colts and betting on possible draftees

Here are a few positions bettors should look at if they’re interested in the different directions that the Colts might take.

Indianapolis could use a boost to the receiving corps.

FanDuel has some specific bets available on Brandon Aiyuk and Denzel Mims, two receivers that could easily end up in Indy’s range.

Both are expected to right on the line between the first and second rounds. You can bet on whether or not each one will be drafted in the first round.

The team already has T.Y. Hilton and Parris Campbell in tow, but adding another receiver would diversify their options. All things considered, the more weapons that Philip Rivers has out on the field, the better.

And speaking of Philip Rivers, the Colts might be looking for a new quarterback. Already!

Rivers took a step back last season and certainly isn’t a long-term option under center. There’s a reason the Colts only signed the 38-year-old to a one-year deal.

The team might keep Brissett for the time being and use him as Rivers insurance. However, if you think they’ll lock up their future at the position, there’s value to be had.

The offensive line could be another key spot for Indy’s draft. Ballard could be looking to bolster the interior with guys like Ezra Cleveland or Cesar Ruiz.

BetRivers is taking bets on whether Ruiz or Cleveland will be drafted first. Ruiz is the -177 favorite to be selected earlier, with Cleveland sitting at +144.

Both might be selected before the Colts have a chance to snag them. Either way, betting on one or the other could be a nice win if you feel strongly about their spots.

Other NFL Draft betting odds for the Colts

Let’s take a look at some of the Colts betting odds that are out there right now.

DraftKings has betting available on the position of the first player the Colts will pick. For now, that’s referring to that 34th overall pick, but who knows, the team could easily find itself trading up earlier into the draft.

  • Wide receiver: +150
  • Defensive lineman: +300
  • Quarterback:+300
  • Offensive lineman: +800
  • Cornerback: +1,000
  • Linebacker: +1,200

Bettors can also take a more straightforward wager on the position of that first draftee. You can bet on which side of the ball you think that prospect will play at DraftKings. Right now, the sportsbook has offense as the -182 favorite and defense at +149.

FanDuel has the Colts leaning towards either addressing their quarterback future or picking up a new receiver. Here’s how the odds are looking for which player the team might choose with that 34th overall pick.

  • Jordan Love:+500
  • Tee Higgins:+600
  • Brandon Aiyuk: +750
  • Laviska Shenault Jr.:+750
  • Chase Claypool: +850
  • Jalen Reagor:+900

PointsBet has its mind on the Colts springing for a quarterback as well. Right now, the Patriots are the favorite to end up with Jordan Love, but Indy’s right behind them. Here are the odds for the teams that might draft the Utah State product.

  • New England Patriots:+260
  • Indianapolis Colts:+400
  • New Orleans Saints:+500
  • Jacksonville Jaguars:+650
  • Green Bay Packers:+900
  • Las Vegas Raiders:+900

Those are the most relevant betting options related to the Colts, but new props are being added all the time. Check in with your favorite online sportsbook for the most up-to-date list of wagers and odds.

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