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Caesars Ready To Rule Over Indiana With May 19 Sportsbook Launch

Months after getting license approval Caesars Indiana online betting app is finally coming to the Hoosier State on Tuesday, May 19.

Caesars will soon be the Hoosier State’s seventh online sportsbook.

The Indiana Gaming Commission (IGC) gave the sportsbook the green light to launch throughout the state on May 19.

The first step to bringing a sportsbook online in Indiana is obtaining a temporary vendor license.

Caesars received its license months ago but has been crawling to the launch pad ever since. The sportsbook landed that license all the way back on August 8, 2019.

That was the same day that both  FanDuel and BetRivers received the same license. That put them all on the same path to launch in Indiana. However, FanDuel and BetRivers were available pretty much from the start of online sports betting in the state.

It may have taken Caesars an extra seven months to get on the same page, but at least the company is finally ready to join Indiana’s market.

Horseshoe Hammond will be the sportsbook’s casino partner

Caesars can finally make the most of its dominant retail player Horseshoe Hammond. The casino’s proximity to Chicago has made it the most successful retail sportsbook in the state by far.

February was the last full month of retail sports betting before COVID-19 shutdowns began. During that month, Horseshoe Hammond brought in a retail handle of over $12.3 million. The next-best mark in the state was Hollywood Lawrenceburg’s $6.8 million handle.

Since Caesars owns Horseshoe Hammond, it’s always been the company’s plan to pair the casino with its online sportsbook.

If the online side of the company catches on nearly as well as the retail side, Caesars could become one of the dominant players in Indiana down the line.

BetIndiana, theScore Bet, and Unibet sportsbooks are also coming soon

Caesars isn’t the only online sportsbook that’s trying to launch in Indiana soon.

The IGC recently gave theScore Bet and Unibet their temporary vendor licenses. Much like Caesars’ online sportsbook, Unibet will also be partnered up with Horseshoe Hammond.

It may be a little while until they’re ready for launch, but both sportsbooks are on the horizon.

BetIndiana’s launch, however, could be coming a bit sooner.

Now that its parent company is out from under the shadow of a state investigation, it could be launching any time now.

BetIndiana received its temporary vendor license back in January and probably would have launched by now if it weren’t for the investigation.

Once the sportsbook is ready to go, it can apply for final approval from the gaming commission. Since it has had a few extra months to finalize the software for its website and app, BetIndiana could be launching sooner rather than later.

Indiana’s online sports betting market continues to heat up

Regardless of when all of these sportsbooks launch, Indiana’s market is starting to get crowded.

Between Caesars, BetIndiana, theScore Bet, and Unibet, Indiana will soon be up to 10 different online sportsbooks.

For the sake of comparison, New Jersey, one of the biggest sports betting markets in the country, currently has 14 different online sportsbooks. The growing number of operators shows that Indiana is continuing to mature as a market. The further that that process gets, the more options that Hoosiers will have to pick from.

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