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Odds Boosts at Indiana Sportsbooks

Odds boosts are the trendiest promotion in online sports betting. FanDuel was really the leader in odds boosts, but since it has started it, almost everyone has hopped on board.

Odds boosts are a great way for players to get odds that are in their favor. Mobile sportsbooks will do a temporary odds boost to try to create buzz and action.

For example, Tyreek Hill was listed at +700 to score the first touchdown during the Super Bowl. The sportsbook will do an odds boost and make the first touchdown pay +1000 as a way to generate some action.

The thought is that creating the one good play will get you interested in some of the other available bets. With all the marketing dollars spent on advertising odds boosts, the companies are also using this as a way to create first-time business. The odds boosts, along with deposit bonuses and free bets, are a great way to get Indiana sports bettors on board.

FanDuel odds boosts

FanDuel is the leader in the odds boost promotion. In New Jersey and Pennsylvania, it really made a lot of headway in the mobile book business by being way ahead of the curve in odds boosting.

It was boosting tons of local teams and individual players and games. This created a lot of action and new gamblers running to its site.

FanDuel in Indiana has offered odds boosts on a daily basis. This means there is almost always at least one bet a day where you know you can get good value.

All you have to do is follow FanDuel on Twitter or turn on notifications, and you will know what the odds boost of the day is.

DraftKings odds boosts

FanDuel is the leader, but DraftKings is right behind it when it comes to creativity and frequency of odds boosts. The odds boosts were created overseas, where sports betting has been a mobile sensation for years, and the two powerhouses of the industry have used the same gimmick here in the states.

DraftKings as well likes to keep an area focus on boosting games based on the states where it is active. For example, in Pennsylvania, it has odds boosts for almost every 76ers game.

Ben Simmons might be +150 to score 25 or more points, but it will odds boost him to +250 the last six hours before the game. If you are a Philadelphia fan and like Simmons to have a big night, this is a great way to get some action for the game.

It has also done some price boosting as well. The Pacers might be -3 with -110 on the juice, or vig. DraftKings will change that bet to +110 and eliminate the juice. This is another way to create value and get more bettors on board.

BetRivers odds boosts

Like its competitors, BetRivers has entered the odds-boosting game. While it usually offers daily odds boosts as well, it hasn’t got quite as creative with them. It does create a little value but usually doesn’t go over the top like FanDuel and DraftKings.

BetRivers has kicked up its game of late and got really creative with some Big Game prop bets. It increased the odds on a few of the long-shot bets to 54:1 odds in honor of Super Bowl LIV.

For example, for Jimmy Garoppolo to score a rushing TD in the game, you could have received a payback of 54:1, up from the original odds of 40:1.

As more and more mobile apps come on board this year, the odds boosting will continue to grow as everyone competes to be the most creative. They want to give gamblers good chances of winning a bet here and there to keep them coming back.

What better way than boosting odds and creating returns over the real value of the bet? So keep your eyes open, and pound those odds boosts.

When to play an odds boost

Now, there are odds boosts at every site every day. Does that mean you should play them every single time? Of course not.

Sometimes, even after the boost, the bet still doesn’t have value. If you weren’t even thinking of playing the bet before the odds boost, it is best to really evaluate and see if it makes sense.

For example, on Super Bowl Sunday, the odds may have been boosted on Jimmy Garoppolo to score the first touchdown from 40 to 1 to 50 to 1. You were now getting an extra 10 times your bet.

But, did it make sense to play? Keep in mind, this only pays out if he scores via a rush or a reception.

Garoppolo has two rushing touchdowns in his entire career. The odds of him even scoring a touchdown in one of those fashions were well below 1%. If you aren’t getting 100 to 1 or better, the bet really doesn’t have value.

Moral of the story is don’t just play the odds boost because it is there. Make sure the bet still has merit, and you are getting value. If you were thinking of playing Williamson for the over 19.5, and the juice went from -115 to +110, it makes tons of sense.

But, if the bet still doesn’t have value, don’t play it, no matter how impressive the marketing job is.