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No-Deposit Sportsbook Bonuses

There is tons of opportunity out there in sports betting these days, and we’re not just talking about the daily offerings at sportsbooks. Bettors have some exceptional opportunities that are there for the taking, several of which will allow them to try out new spots in risk-free fashion.

For sportsbooks, including those in Indiana, the name of the game is attracting new users. While offering a fantastic product and generating positive word of mouth is a great way to make that happen, they still need to go the extra mile to attract as many folks as possible.

Promotional offers are one way they make that happen. There are plenty of intriguing ones out there, but perhaps none is more sought after than what’s known as a no-deposit bonus offer.

So exactly how can you get one of these awesome offers and use it to your advantage? Read on as we take a detailed look.

Can you legally bet on sports in Indiana?

It’s legal to bet on sports in the state of Indiana, and it has been that way since 2019.

The Hoosier State didn’t act on its own. A green light was given by the Supreme Court of the United States in 2018 as the high court put the matter of sports betting legalization in the hands of the states to decide on their own.

A number of states have done just that, and business is booming for each of them when it comes to sports betting.

While it took some time for Indiana to sort through legislation, that finally happened in the summer of 2019. The state’s first retail sportsbooks opened up in 2019, and online and mobile operators joined the party about a month later.

Indiana residents now have a number of ways to place their bets in a completely legal and safe manner with several of the top companies in the sports betting industry.

Top Indiana sports betting apps

As the sports betting industry continues to grow, choices abound for consumers. That’s awesome, but it also can be time-consuming figuring out which is the best place to get in on the action. We have you covered. Here are the three top spots to place your bets in Indiana.

DraftKings Sportsbook — $25 free, up to $1,000 in bonuses

DraftKings entered the world of daily fantasy sports like a whirlwind and emerged as the top operator in the game. The company is now aiming to do the exact same thing in sports betting. So far, so good, as DraftKings is a preferred destination for many users.

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FanDuel Sportsbook — risk-free bet up to $500

Easy to use, fantastic customer service and awesome ongoing promotions are among the hallmarks of FanDuel, another DFS titan that has set its sights on sports betting. FanDuel is quickly emerging as a top option in every market it enters.

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BetMGM — up to $500 risk-free bet

MGM needs no introduction, so the stakes are pretty high for the company when it comes to delivering an awesome sports betting product for the masses. Let’s just say that it’s managed to nail it.

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It’s really easy to get started with playing on each of these operators. To begin, be sure to click through on our exclusive links to take advantage of the stellar sign-up offers.

You’ll be pointed to a new page and be prompted to enter a few basic pieces of information. After you click through and complete, your new account will be up and running in seconds.

Next, follow the instructions from the main website of the operator to download the app for your iOS or Android device. Log in on mobile, and you’ll be all set to bet on the go.

Each of our recommended destinations features awesome platforms and all of the betting markets and wager types you need.

What is a no-deposit bonus offer?

Sportsbooks are always looking for innovative ways to attract new users. One of the methods that has proven to be quite popular is the no-deposit bonus offer.

A no-deposit bonus offer means that the sportsbook is basically giving you free money just for signing up and trying out its platform.

This is a win-win for consumers as they get to check out a new spot in risk-free fashion. The sportsbook is giving them money to play with just for signing up, and they can then use those funds to place real money bets.

If users manage to win their bets, then any profits earned are theirs to keep, free and clear. They can keep the money on site as bankroll, or withdraw the funds to their own account. For withdrawals, there are a number of different options, including ACH transfer and PayPal.

For sportsbooks, the hope is that users will like what they see and stick around for a while. It’s a cost of doing business, and one they’re happy to pay if the end result is another happy and loyal user.

How to get sports betting no-deposit bonuses

Promotional offerings are very common in the world of sports betting. It’s a competitive industry in which a number of operators are competing for the same customers.

There are customers who set up shop with one operator and stick with that sportsbook no matter what, and then there are others who have multiple places that they go to place their bets.

It’s not uncommon for new users to be offered various enticements just for creating an account. Here in Indiana, we’ve gathered together the best of the best on that front. All you need to do is click through on our exclusive links to take advantage.

Among the best of the offerings out there from sportsbook operators is the no-deposit bonus offer, which is basically free money for you to use to place bets.

Let’s walk through an example of how you can get one using one of our recommended operators.

As mentioned earlier, DraftKings is emerging as one of the biggest forces in online and mobile sports betting. The company isn’t resting on its laurels in any way, and it’s offering some great opportunities for new users. Here’s how to get them.

  • Click on our exclusive links to create a new account with DraftKings.
  • That’ll redirect you to a new page, where you’ll enter your information.
  • Once complete, click through on the registration form, and your account will be set up right away.
  • No promo code is needed for users who click on our links.
  • Users will be automatically credited with five $5 free bets.

That’s it. From start to finish, you’re looking at maybe two minutes of your time. Please note that the free bets are not redeemable for cash or eligible for withdrawal. You must actually place bets on DraftKings.

Any winnings obtained as a result of the promo offering are yours free and clear. You can leave the money on site to place additional bets, withdraw some and leave some, or take it all. That part is up to you.

Also, this is not the only bonus opportunity you’ll be eligible for if you use our links. DraftKings is also offering a deposit bonus of up to $500, and a risk-free bet of up to $500. Add it all up, and that’s $1,025 in goodies just for creating an account via our links.

Using no-deposit bonuses to your advantage

No-deposit bonuses afford users the chance to check out a new sportsbook in risk-free fashion. Here’s how you can get the most out of it.

  1. Use your free bets wisely: While it’s free funds you’re playing with, it’s still money. Treat it as if it’s real skin in the game with an eye toward making a profit.
  2. Build bankroll with free bets: If all goes well with your free bets, you’ll now have a bankroll to begin playing with on a whole new site. This is essentially free money, as you built it off a bonus offer.
  3. Try a new strategy: For experienced bettors who may be on the lookout for a new sportsbook, no-deposit bonuses are a great way to try out new strategies in a risk-free fashion.

What types of sports bets can you place in Indiana?

You’ll have access to all of the major bet types at sportsbook operators here in Indiana. From point spreads to props, totals to teasers, it’s all available here. Here are the details on the major types of bets you’ll have to choose from.

  • Point spread: For these wagers, oddsmakers install a point spread. You can bet on the favorite minus the points or look to the underdog plus the points. Both sides need to cover in their respective directions in order for you to win the bet.
  • Moneyline: This is an easy-to-understand bet in which you only need to pick the winner from the favorite or underdog, which will be represented by negative and positive odds, respectively.
  • Totals: Also known as over/under, these are bets on the total points scored in a game. Sportsbooks set a projection, and bettors then choose over or under that number.
  • Live betting: A huge area of growth in the sports betting industry, these are wagers you can place after the action has already started. It’s a fast-moving market that has become very popular.
  • Futures: This is a bet on something that will happen in the future. Many of the markets are quite active, such as the winner of the next Super Bowl or NBA Finals.
  • Props: These are additional wagering opportunities inside of the game or event itself that revolve around team- or player-based performances.
  • Teasers: For a teaser, bettors can move the spread at designated intervals more to their liking, and oddsmakers will adjust the odds based on that.
  • Parlays: A parlay bet happens when you place two or more outcomes on a single betting slip. Parlays get tougher to hit with the more choices that are added, but they can also be quite fruitful.


Can you make money with sports betting?

Absolutely, but it can take a good deal of effort to do so consistently. A good working knowledge of sports, bet types and odds is very helpful, as is a strong understanding of bankroll management. For those just starting out, practice and research are your friends.

How do sportsbooks make money?

Sportsbook operators are for-profit entities that make their money by essentially charging a fee for each bet they take. Known as “vig” or “juice,” it’s factored into the odds that are displayed for bettors. The goal for sportsbooks is to take in more than they pay out, so the vig provides them with the needed buffer zone.

Where do you find the best sports betting odds?

In the past, the easy answer to that question was at Las Vegas sportsbooks. Today, it’s a different story. Sports betting has been legalized in a number of states, and many more will follow in the coming years. The biggest operators post lines and odds that are on point with what you’ll see from oddsmakers in Sin City.

How much money is bet on sports each year?

According to data from the American Gaming Association, a record $13 billion was legally wagered on sports in the US in 2019. If you factor in the amount that’s bet illegally, the number rises dramatically. As additional states legalize sports betting, the amount will only continue to grow.

How old do you have to be to bet on sports in Indiana?

In order to bet on sports in the Hoosier State, bettors need to be 21 years of age or older. New users can easily register online with our recommended operators; just remember to click through on our exclusive links to take advantage of the sign-up offers.