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By now, most sports fans know the name FanDuel. You may have even played daily fantasy sports through their platform and are familiar with their setup. When sports betting was legalized in Indiana, FanDuel became one of the early leaders through their partnership with Boyd Gaming.

The FanDuel Online Sportsbook platform and app in Indiana are very similar to what you would find if you play daily fantasy sports with them. It is easy to use and very good on mobile, or in a traditional browser.

One of the more interesting strategies of FanDuel in Indiana was signing on with the Indianapolis Colts to be their official partner. It was a genius way to get into the market, especially with the NFL being the most highly bet on of the major sports. The partnership runs until the end of this season, so it will be interesting to see if it continues or if the NFL signs a deal as a whole.

In every state, you have to have a local partner, and FanDuel signed on with Boyd Gaming in Indiana; a very familiar name if you are familiar with the casino industry. The casino is the Blue Chip Casino Hotel and Spa. They offer a very similar product in Indiana as they have in the other states where sports betting was legalized.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the top Indiana FanDuel bonuses available at the moment.

Indiana FanDuel bonuses

FanDuel is welcoming Indiana bettors to the site by offering a risk-free bet. This free bet is essentially a refund of your first wager. If a bettor loses their first bet, FanDuel will completely refund the amount of the wager in the form of site credit.

This offer is good for wagers up to $1,000. Basically, they are offering you a buy one, get one free. You make a $100 bet, you get a $100 bet free if your bet loses.

Keep in mind, this is different than a free bet. If you win your risk-free bet, the promotion is technically void, and you don’t get anything. But, there is a great reward if you are to lose.

Indiana FanDuel promotions

Some of the more fun promotional options for this month are:

  • $50 College Hoops Insurance: Indiana residents love their college basketball. This November promotion lets you get up to $50 back if you bet the moneyline of a ranked team, and they score 75 points but still lose. You will have to opt in to get this deal.
  • College Football Close Loss Insurance: There will be a featured game of the week. If you bet on the moneyline and the team you bet on loses by six points or less, you can be refunded up to $50. This is usually a matchup between the two highest-ranked teams playing that week
  • NFL Close Loss Insurance: This will be exactly like the college football close loss, except for the NFL instead of college football.
  • Parlay Insurance: Who hasn’t put $20 on a parlay and hit all of the legs but one? Well, it happens to all of us, and FanDuel will help ease your pain by refunding up to $25 if you hit all but one leg of your parlay.

The odds boost feature at FanDuel seems to be a great way to incentivize betting on local teams and players while giving you a slight advantage. For example, T.Y. Hilton may be boosted Sunday morning to score the first touchdown from +560 to +660, or similar deals of the like. You will see a lot of extra points coming your way if you decide to bet on the Colts or Pacers in Indiana.

When FanDuel does this, they are giving up some of their advantage. Therefore, we recommend looking at some of the odds boost options, especially if you already thought about betting the Colts -4.5, and they have just now pushed it to -2.5. This is a great chance to increase your value as a bettor.

Best features

  • Fun Promos: As we mentioned earlier, FanDuel is probably the most creative when it comes to promos. They have a lot of fun presenting locally relevant promotions for Indiana residents. We expect to see a lot of Purdue and Indiana promotions and bonuses during college basketball season. When Big Ten play kicks off, check your email as they will have fun ways for you to bet your favorite college basketball team.
  • User-Friendly: Because of FanDuel’s experience in the industry, it has one of the more user-friendly websites and promotions. They offer a lot of bets on the major games. You can bet on usually over 100 options of every NFL game. You will find something that catches your eye. The software is also top-notch. They have done this in other states, so it isn’t glitchy, and it is super easy to use.
  • Mobile App: FanDuel has used its experience as a daily fantasy leader to create a great app. It is good if you are an Apple or Samsung user. It is very easy to use on either platform.
  • Research: FanDuel has plenty of analytics and research available. It has experts on the app and the website, breaking down matchups and giving you their picks for the day. They make it easy to gather information on the games you decide to bet.


  • Competitive Lines: Some of the lines can leave a little to be desired. They try and take advantage of you already being on their site and not line shopping. The moneylines on a lot of the non-NFL games are sometimes better elsewhere.
  • Points System: If you play daily fantasy with them, you know they have a points system that rewards your business. As of now, they do not have anything like that for their sports bettors.
  • Cross State Bonuses: If you have already signed on and got a welcome bonus in another state, you won’t be eligible for the Indiana bonus.

Deposits and withdrawals

The main advantage of legal, safe Indiana online betting sites is that you can use a lot of banking options you couldn’t when playing on one of the overseas sites before legalization. These include credit cards, bank transfers, Paypal, and even cash.

Here are the main categories:

  • Paypal: This one is great for those of you who were playing overseas before betting was legalized. You will now be able to use your Paypal account, which is super easy and quick. This is the best option as far as we are concerned.
  • ACH: This will be the best way to get withdrawals. So if you set this up for your deposits, it will make it seamless when you hit it big and want to take some money out.
  • Debit or Credit Cards: They are accepting Visa and Mastercard for now. We would think they might eventually add the other two major cards, but they do not accept them at this time.
  • Other: They will also take online bank transfers, wire transfers, and paper checks. These will be some of the slower options, but for some players, it may be your only option.


Betting lines

The lines are generally OK, especially the NFL, but some of the other sports leave a little to be desired. The NFL lines are pretty competitive to the market, but MLB lines seem to be in FanDuel’s favor more than some of the other sites.

If you are going to bet on MLB or the NHL, I recommend using one of the smaller apps listed here on our site. FanDuel and DraftKings tend to run on name recognition, and in the other states, you would be able to get better odds on the smaller sites or apps.

If you are looking at NFL lines, sometimes FanDuel Indiana is actually the best place to spend your money. They routinely beat the other Indiana legal apps and are way better than the overseas site lines. Most of the time, if you are getting +175 on a team elsewhere, you can get +180 or even +185 at Fanduel.

Parlays are pretty on par with the odds you are used to. You get a little over 2.5 times your bet on a two-leg parlay and just under six times your bet on a three-leg bet.

Prop bets are always poor odds, and FanDuel is no different. The juice is usually around 25 percent on most of the prop bets.

Future betting, or betting on long-term bets if you are not familiar, is pretty in line with Vegas or other companies. Since these bets are always in the future, definitely do your homework and find out the best place to put your future wager money.

Odds Boosts is where FanDuel separates itself from the competition. It was the first group to pursue this marketing strategy and still dominates the field today.

Recently, it had a team at +210 and boosted them all the way to +500. There is always a low cap on these bets, usually $50, but how can you not take a shot at something like that? This seems too good to be true, but they do this on the regular.

What sports can you bet on?

The opportunities for what you can bet on are endless. You can bet on any major sports inside the U.S. and just about anything you can think of overseas. Soccer, MMA, boxing, darts, racing, rugby, tennis, you name it, FanDuel will have a line for you.

Right now, they are not allowing live betting on college sports. You won’t be able to bet NCAA games in real-time, but you should be able to bet professional sports real-time.

Once you find the game you want to bet on, you can click on an option that opens up bets inside the game. You can bet on individual props, winning margin, quarter or half lines, and much more.

FanDuel does a great job of giving you more than just the game to bet on. You can bet on receptions for your favorite Colts receiver or assists for a Pacers player. The options are endless.

Types of bets available at FanDuel Sportsbook

These will be the same types of bets you see in Vegas or your overseas betting site or app. You can bet individual games, parlays, teasers, futures, propositions; you name it. We will break down a few of the most common types for bettors.

  • Parlays: This is where you place multiple bets, and all of them must hit for you to win. For example, you bet on the Colts -6.5, the Hoosiers -15, and the Blackhawks/Hurricanes over 6. You can bet the same sports, different sports, even the same game; it doesn’t matter. The catch is that all of the bets must hit for you to win. This is one of the most popular bets because you can risk very little for a big reward. You can place $5 on an eight-team parlay and come out winning over $1,000.
  • Futures: This would be a long term bet on someone, or some team, to win something in the future, or on a team winning a certain number of games in a season. You can bet on the Colts to win the AFC North +240. If the Colts win the division and you placed $100 on them, you would win $240. You can also bet on teams to win over or under a certain number of games in a season. The Indians win total may be 85, and you can bet over or under that number at usually -110. So if you bet $110 on the Indians to win over 85, you would win $100 as long as they won 85 games or better.
  • Teasers: These are most popular in football and basketball. Let’s say you really like two teams to cover, but aren’t 100 percent sure. You can bet both of them in a teaser and get an additional six points. Let’s say that the Patriots are -10.5 vs. the Browns, and the Vikings are -7 against the Lions. You can bet on both of them and tease it. You would get the Patriots -4.5 and the Vikings -1. Again, the catch is you have to hit both of them to win, but you’ve given yourself some better odds by teasing it.
  • Moneyline: This is the most straight forward of all the bets. It is most common in the NHL and MLB but is still used a lot in the other sports. The favorite is a negative number, while the underdog is a positive. For example, the Hurricanes are at home against the Rangers. The Hurricanes would be -160, and the Rangers +140. If you bet a $100 on the Rangers, and they won, you would get $140, but you would have to bet $160 to win $100 on the Hurricanes.
  • Totals: This is a bet on the total number of points or runs that are scored in a game. Colts vs. Steelers, and the total is 47.5. You are betting on whether the combined scores would be over or under the total number listed.

FanDuel Sportsbook software & app

FanDuel has really quality software, whether it is on your phone or your computer. Both are of really high quality, and what you would expect from one of the big companies in the business.

The sportsbook works on all the major browsers, at least from what we have seen. You shouldn’t need to download anything to place bets. The apps on iOS and Android work flawlessly. Some of the smaller competitors have had issues on one platform or the other, but not FanDuel.

DraftKings and FanDuel are the only ones operating right now in the Apple Store. If you have an Apple device, these are the way to go. You can still place a bet with the other providers, but you have to do it on the browser, as their apps are currently functional on Apple products. This will give them a big advantage over the smaller competitors at least to start.

The app looks very similar to the website. It has almost all of the same features, and there are shortcuts to the most-used items. You will also see the bonuses and promos scroll across the top, and you can click on those to gain access.

You can get the FanDuel app at the Apple Store, but you have to go to the website to download the FanDuel app on Android devices. As of now, Google hasn’t allowed any real gambling apps in its store.