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Bonuses Available At Indiana Online Sportsbook

With numerous betting apps to choose from, the different online sportsbooks need to do things to set themselves apart. Indiana bettors have their choice of really good promotions, free bets, and other incentives designed to bring you on their site or app. At least for the short term, this will give an advantage to bettors.

Because other states have already gone online with sports betting, we have a pretty good idea of some of the offers you’ll be seeing. They have been pretty uniform across the board. Indiana residents can take advantage of many of the same offers, and probably some unique to the state. There have already been great free bet and deposit match offers from FanDuel and DraftKings.

What are promo codes?

Online betting sites try all different ways to get new players. The most popular method in mobile betting and fantasy sports is promo codes. These promo codes can offer you matched deposits, bonuses, or various other offers to try and get you to sign up for their site.

Think of it like a coupon at the grocery store. They know you like buying Doritos, so they give you a coupon for $1 off Doritos knowing you are going to come back and buy your bananas, milk, and meat at the store. They will gladly take a small loss on one item to get your business on everything else. In the retail industry, they call it a loss-leader.

These codes offer some incentive for your first deposit or to get you back after a long layoff. Paying close attention to the offers sent to you by the operator (and also monitoring sites like this one, since we share codes that are sometimes not sent to your e-mail) will result in a much better value for you with your gambling money.

For bonuses that do not require a code, a deposit will still be necessary, or the promotion may need to be activated from a “Bonuses” tab on the app or website. But these usually aren’t too good to be true, and the deposits aren’t a trick. It will be just a code, or sometimes even automatic. They don’t take long, and you will be getting something for free as a thank you for your business.

How do I find promo codes?

Promo codes are popular among sports betting sites. Everyone wants to find the best promo codes when getting into gambling.

If someone is offering you a deal, take it. You shop around for the best car price, don’t you? Well, you should do the same with promo codes. Also, add this site to your favorites, as it will be your go-to resource for Indiana gambling information.

We will go through a few of the best ways to search for the best codes. Checking our site should always be your first option.

  • Check your e-mail
  • Visit websites or Google promo codes for Indiana
  • Printed media (Sports magazines, newspaper sports section)
  • User-submitted codes
  • Gambling forums
  • Social media

How to use a promo code

Once you have managed to find your bonus code, you will want to use it. The majority of bonus codes either come in a banner where there is an option to select it and then redeem it. Fanduel and DraftKings are the best at this, so you will see them everywhere.

Sometimes you will get a word/number combo that needs to be entered into a promo box. There are so many promo codes out there and so many places that use them, that there are way too many options to list for ways to redeem them.

Who will be eligible for online sports betting bonuses In Indiana?

Almost all players will be offered some sort of promotional offer. The best offers will be reserved for first-time players because that is where the money is at. They want you to start on the mobile app, as you are a lot less likely to leave and use another app once you start.

All you need to do is be eligible to bet in Indiana.

You must be at least 21 years old. This is the same as if you were to enter a casino.

There will be a geofence surrounding the state. You must be within the borders of the state to place the bet. You do not have to live within the state, as anyone can come into the state and place a bet. You can create your account in Illinois, for example, then drive across and bet if you so like. You will even be able to withdraw your winnings when not in the state; you just have to be physically inside the state to bet.

You will have to confirm your identity. Every site does this differently, as it could be the last four digits of your Social Security number or address of where you live. They will not make it overly difficult as they want you to deposit and start playing. Therefore, the process will be rather quick.

That is all there is to it. This process is super simple and really pain-free. They want you to get started quickly, so they have fine-tuned the process over the years.

Even if you have a free-bet promotion, they will still have you make a deposit. You can deposit as little as $5 to get started. So get some money in the account and start playing!

Types of promos

Indiana sports betting sites offer a range of promos, including signup bonuses, free bets, odds boosts, and deposit matches.

  • Free bet: All you have to do is make a deposit, and they will give you a free bet. Some of the sites are offering as much as a $500 free bet. If you deposit $500, they will give you one free $500 bet. If you win, it is business as usual; if you lose, you will get the $500 back.
  • Deposit bonus: You will get a bonus amount, usually up to a cap of somewhere between $200 and $500 to match your deposit. This is the kind of offer usually reserved for first-timers, or to re-engage players who have been away for a while.
  • Odds boost: This sort of promo sees odds boosted to make them more favorable for players. Since this is Indiana, you will probably see a lot of pop-ups for getting a few extra dollars on the Colts moneyline, or something along those lines.

We suggest you go for the deposit matches. This will give you the most bang for your buck. These will be first-time offers, so don’t expect this kind of promo for every deposit.

Why do sites offer bonuses?

Online bettors do not need to look very hard to find a great bonus. You won’t be able to turn on sports radio or go to a sports website without seeing an advertisement for a deposit or mobile betting bonus. They will all offer something to get you interested because they want your return business.

Compare mobile betting apps or websites to grocery stores. Everyone has their grocery store they go to most of the time. Mobile sites for gambling are the same; once they get you, they know you are usually going to stick with them. That’s why they are competing for the most enticing bonus.

Deposit match, free bets, and odds boosting are the most common types of promos in sports betting. This type of bonus benefits both you, the consumer, and the website offering you the bonus. As a bettor, you will get free money, or a risk-free bet as a reward for your business.

They get you as a customer, and most likely a long-term user. Because for the majority of players, they will lose money in the long run. When you lose and don’t come back for a while, they aren’t getting your money. They will send you another offer to get you back in the game and spending your money on their site.

If you are not on their site, they aren’t getting your vig or juice. It is like an empty restaurant. If there is no one there to eat, they are not making any money. That casino can’t possibly stay open with no one at the slot machines or blackjack table.

The same goes for a bookie without clients. This is why the sports betting sites have such attractive-looking incentives to get you into the action. The purpose is just to get you started.

They know you most likely watch sports, so if they can find a way for your experience to be even better with a few dollars on the line, they know you will be coming back for more.

Offers for Indiana bettors


DraftKings Indiana has what we think is probably the most enticing offer to get bettors started. You don’t even need a code, just register and they will give the bonus to you automatically.

  • Up to $25 in free bets, usually awarded in $5 increments
  • Risk-free first bet (can be as high as $200)
  • Match deposit up to $500

The risk-free bet is basically like an insurance policy on a loss. If you lose your first bet, they will refund that amount to your account. You won’t be able to withdraw it right away, as you will have to bet it again. It acts as a playthrough, as some of you might be familiar with from other sites.

Again, like the free bets, there will be a significant playthrough before you can withdraw the money. We believe it is 25 times the bet. The bonus will remain active for the rest of the year and perhaps into 2020.

  • Parlay insurance: This has become one of the more popular offerings since mobile sports betting became legal. If you bet a parlay and only lose it by one bet, they will refund you up to a certain amount. It is $25 on DraftKings’ site. Parlays pay really big if you win, but they are a bet that usually benefits the casino or website. They don’t mind giving you the incentive to bet it, knowing they will probably come out ahead in the long run. For example, you bet New England -4, LA Rams -6.5 and Dallas -5. You hit all your bets except LA -6.5. You have a $20 parlay that would have paid out around $120. But since you hit two of the three bets, they will refund the $20 as a consolation prize for your loss.
  • Odds boosts: This is a recent trend in the industry that is tough to duplicate in a brick-and-mortar casino. They try and create action by giving you much better odds. For Indiana, you will see a lot of Colts or Bears odds boosts. Let’s say the Colts are -160 on the moneyline. The morning of the game, they will boost them to -130 to try and get fans to jump on the game. The most common odds boosts we have seen so far have been on player touchdown odds. For example, Marlon Mack is +420 to score the first touchdown of the game. They will put up a banner ad, or send an e-mail, moving his odds to +520. If you were thinking about playing the prop anyways, it is a great incentive to jump into the bet.
  • Betting pools: These are basically tournaments for bettors. There will be a leaderboard, and you can track who is in the lead and where you are in the standings. Most of the time, you will have to choose to participate, and there might even be a fee depending on the size of the payout. Sometimes these will be sponsored and be free, or you have to bet a certain amount that week to be eligible. This is a great way to get some smack talk going between friends or even strangers on the internet. Half the fun of betting, or just watching sports, is the banter between friends. This is also a way to get a big payout for a reasonable entry fee.


FanDuel, in our opinion, is by far the most creative with its bonus options.

FanDuel is keeping it simple, which is always a great idea for beginners. The risk-free bet it is offering is easy to understand, and it is automatic. You don’t need to put in any codes.

This free bet is a refund of your first wager. If a bettor loses their first bet, FanDuel will completely refund the amount of the wager in the form of site credit.

This offer is good for wagers up to $500. Basically, they are offering you a buy one, get one free. You make a $100 bet, you get a $100 bet free if your bet loses.

The only catch is that the first wager has to lose to qualify. If you win your bet, you are not eligible for a refund.

Some of the more fun options are:

  • $50 College Hoops Insurance: When you opt-in and place a moneyline bet prior to the start of a game that includes a team in the AP Top 25, you can get a refund of your bet (up to $50), if your team scores 75 or more points but still loses.
  • College Football Close Loss Insurance: Get up to a $50 refund on moneyline bets made prior to the start of the featured collegiate game of the week. If your team loses by six points or less, the refund is yours.

NFL Close Loss Insurance, NBA Win Bonus, NHL Goal Bonus, NBA 3rd Quarter Insurance and a Multi-Sport Parlay Insurance are also available. The parlay insurance acts almost identical to the DraftKings parlay bonus we talked about earlier.

Like DraftKings, FanDuel loves the odds boosts. You see these types of lines almost on a daily basis as a way to encourage more bets. You will likely see a lot of Colts players boosted +100 on game day to score the first touchdown as a way to increase action.

When a sportsbook does this, they are giving up some of their advantage, so we recommend looking. Especially if you already thought about betting the Bears +6.5, and they have just now pushed it to +8.5 or something like that.

BetRivers Indiana

Sports betting is live in Indiana, and there will be fierce competition for your gambling dollars. BetsRivers has to be creative to compete with the big guys who have more name recognition and bigger budgets.

But, sometimes, this is great for the market, and the smaller sites will advertise really good promos because they cannot compete with the advertising budgets of DraftKings and FanDuel. They will go all out to try and get your attention.

So far, BetRivers has offered free bets and deposit matches just like everyone else. The idea is to get potential customers to register, and it gives a sportsbook a chance to show off its bets and promotions.

If you sign up at BetRivers, you will receive a 100% match on your first deposit, up to $250. This deal is one of the easiest to take advantage of at any online betting site.

The only condition is you need to bet this money at least once at odds of -200 or greater. This will protect them from you just using it on a huge favorite and collecting the bonus. They want it to be as close to 50/50 as possible.

Rivers online sportsbook offers regular bettors a variety of reload bonuses and ongoing rewards.

Loyalty Program: BetRivers has a rewards program called iRush Rewards. It is a points collection system, similar to what some of the overseas companies have offered. You get rewarded based on how much you bet, and what kind of bet you place.

You get one point for a regular $10 bet. If you bet on parlays or teasers, or other long shots, they give you more reward points. The largest we have seen is a reward 10x your bet for some of the really long odds bets.

The social element comes through a chart that shows you how close you are to the next level. It looks like one of the thermometers you see for fundraising through various organizations.

As you place more bets and climb the levels, you’ll unlock extra perks and promotional offers. You will also find a visual indicator of your progress toward clearing bonuses. This will be very familiar to those of you who were already playing fantasy sports on DraftKings or FanDuel. They are structured in very similar ways.