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BetMGM Brings Same-Game Parlays To Indiana With New Parlay Builder

Indiana bettors now have a new wagering option with the BetMGM Parlay Builder, which currently offers same-game parlays on the NFL, NBA and soccer, for now.

BetMGM has introduced a new form of betting on its mobile sportsbook: same-game parlays.

Parlays are quickly becoming a staple for BetMGM. The operator hopes it will provide a leg up on its growing Indiana competition.

Hoosier bettors, meanwhile, now have a fresh way to embark on one of their favorite ways to wager.

What is the BetMGM Parlay Builder?

The same-game parlay option is the product of BetMGM extending its partnership with Betgenius.

Right now, same-game parlay selections are available on the NFL, NBA, and major soccer leagues.

MLB and the NHL are expected to join the list soon.

Same-game betting on BetMGM now includes more than 400 bet types, including props aimed at teams and individual players.

Bettors, for instance, can now bet on a quarterback’s touchdown total, running back’s yards, the spread, and more — all from the same team.

Betguenius developed the product through its service BetBuilder (called Parlay Builder in the app), in conjunction with sportsbook software provider Sportcast.

“Parlay Builder gives our pre-game betting offering another dimension; it’s engaging, easy-to-use and extensive, therefore appealing to serious and recreational bettors alike,” said BetMGM CMO Matt Prevost in a statement.

“We’ve witnessed the success of BetBuilder in Europe and anticipate a similar trajectory in the US.”

Single-game parlay options have been promoted on other sportsbooks, including NFL single-game parlays on PointsBet and a $10 money-back parlay promo on FanDuel.

Parlays a major part of BetMGM

Betgenius Gobal Partnerships Director Matt Stephenson called BetBuilder “a runaway success” in Europe and a product that “keeps getting better and better.”

“With a focus on US sports and the deepest range of bet options, Parlay Builder gives BetMGM a real differentiator – both from a product and marketing perspective,” he noted.

The move makes sense in Indiana. Hoosier bettors wagered over $50 million on parlays in September, more than what was bet on any individual sport.

Parlays are good for sportsbooks because they often lead to difficult-to-win bets.

They also allow for easy social media engagement when fun, enticing details about a rare-winning, long-odds parlay is shared with other eager bettors.

Key features of the parlay update

Users of the mobile sportsbook can also now find an Easy Parlay function on BetMGM’s front page, along with its Football Parlay Generator.

Easy Parlay allows bettors to choose a sport and then a betting option, specifically spread, totals, or moneyline.

The app then displays on a single, condensed page each of that sport’s upcoming matchups and associated odds, depending on what the user selected. It even gives bettors information on each team’s last five games.

The Football Parlay Generator, meanwhile, allows users to again choose spread, totals, or moneyline. They can then select a range of odds, from -10000 to +900.

At that point, the generator will cycle through NFL and college football games and randomly select a five-leg parlay of options that fall within the chosen odds range. Users can then subtract or add games.

Another option is to choose “winnings more than” and tell the generator to choose a parlay that would win anything between $25 and $2,500.

BetMGM Parlay Builder is latest move for growing sportsbook

BetMGM has established its place as the third-most popular sportsbook in Indiana behind DraftKings and FanDuel.

It launched in the state in February.

BetMGM has since become a leading player in Indiana’s mobile sportsbook market, which has grown to include nine sportsbook apps.

Here is how the top five stacked up by handle in September:

  • DraftKings: $89.4 million
  • FanDuel: $56.5 million
  • BetMGM: $13.19 million
  • BetRivers: $6.24 million
  • PointsBet: $6.19 million

BetMGM has benefited from strong advertising campaigns, including a ubiquitous one represented by megastar Jamie Foxx, and inherent name recognition.

The app has also offered some of the market’s best promos, like its weekly Money Monday Club. Anyone who places $50 or more in wagers in a week gets a free $10 bet.

Other promos take a more local approach.

Last weekend that included a $6 free bet per Notre Dame touchdown deal. The book also offered a money-back promo dependent on Indianapolis Colts quarterback Phillip Rivers’ touchdown throws.

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