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Sportsbook Deposit Options Indiana

Indiana sports wagering is up and running! Casinos, OTBs and eight mobile sites are all taking bets across the state. With Illinois being slow to come on board, a lot of players are driving across the border, and sports wagering handle has already surpassed $300 million. With all the different betting conduits, there are a lot of different ways to fund your account.

You can go old school and use cash at the casino to fund your mobile account. Mobile wallets, or eWallets, have become one of the more popular methods of deposit. Skrill, Paypal and Neteller are the three most popular eWallet options in Indiana. But, the safest, and usually the quickest, is an electronic transfer or ACH.

Deposit Options

Indiana bettors will be glad to learn that a lot of the options have been added and perfected with other states going online first. With the industry growing by the day, gamblers’ options for depositing have grown as well.

If you were playing on the overseas sites, you couldn’t do the ACH transfers, while most of the eWallet options were also not available. It is much easier for Indiana bettors now that sports betting is legal. We will cover a few of the options and give you the pros and cons of each.

Debit and Credit Cards

Almost every site offers a credit or debit card option. The two main carriers, Visa and Mastercard, are offered universally. American Express and Discover are generally not offered on any of the sites.

Cards are usually one of the quicker options, but they do have a smaller limit than if you do cash or ACH.

Some of the sites will offer their own prepaid card as well. A lot of the online options offer this method. In Indiana, BetRivers is the only site currently operating that has this option.

While this is the most convenient option, there are some downsides. Some sites will not take cards, and you will have to come up with a different withdrawal method as sites will not withdraw more than the original amount to cards.

The ultimate goal is to win more than you bet, so if you do this, credit or debit cards won’t work as a way to get your money.

Instant Transfer From Checking Account

This is what we would consider the best of the options. The ACH option is accepted on all the sites, and once you have set it up, it is super fast and easy. If you are a big dollar player, this allows larger deposits.

Funds are available right away, and everything is secure through your bank. Another way to do the instant transfer is through online bill pay if your bank offers it.


To us, this is a huge advantage to legalized gambling in the states. If you played on the overseas sites, this was never an option before.


Paypal is probably the most well known of all the eWallet options. Almost everyone has a Paypal account already set up, and the transactions are free and easy. This wasn’t an option at first, but as more and more gamblers were asking for it, PayPal was added in New Jersey. All three Indiana mobile sites have Paypal as an option.

There’s no question that Paypal should be at the top of your list if you are choosing an eWallet. It is well-known, secure, and easy to use. In only a few steps, you are depositing money into your account, and the best part, there are no fees attached.

Withdrawing money is also a great part of Paypal. The money is in your account quickly and is available on almost all sites.


Skrill is relatively unknown for the everyday person, but it is well-known if you are a gambler. It is not an option on all the sites but is widely used in the international sports betting scene.


Like Skrill, Neteller is very well-known internationally, but also has some legs already in the United States. It is available on a few more of the sites in the other states than Skrill.

It is highly secure and has really large limits for the high rollers. Unlike Paypal, there are usually fees tied to Neteller, leaving it as an option closer to the bottom of our preferred list.

Cash Transactions

As of now, there are mobile sites up and running in Indiana, and they all have a casino where you can deposit cash into your mobile account. Obviously, having to drive to the casino is a little bit of an inconvenience, but if you don’t want to deposit virtually, this is an option.

Or, if you have had a big day at the casino, you can give yourself a little fun money in your account.

If you use DraftKings, Ameristar Casino Resort is the casino to make your cash transaction at. FanDuel partners with Blue Chip Casino and Belterra Casino. Lastly, BetRivers has a partnership with French Lick Casino Resort.


This pretty much covers the majority of transaction options, but there are a few others. You can deposit money via a wire transfer. But, this is at the bottom of our list as it is expensive and takes a long time.


Options for getting your money are a lot more limited than depositing your money. Imagine that, mobile sites would rather take your money than give it. Below are the most commonly accepted options for withdrawing your money.

  • ACH
  • Prepaid Card
  • Paypal
  • Skrill
  • Neteller
  • Cashier at Casino
  • Check via mail

ACH and Paypal are the easiest to use, which is why they are listed as our favorites for depositing money. Once you are set up for deposits, you are also ready for withdrawals. This is by far the quickest way to get your money. Just like depositing, you will have to pay a fee if you choose either Neteller or Skrill.

There are a few more steps to getting your money to eliminate attempted fraud. Most of the sites will have you upload proof. A driver’s license or other legal government ID is needed to be uploaded before you can withdraw your money. But, once you have done it, you are good to go.